A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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1979: 4/4 four-seater

5: My third Plus 8
(Nutbrown, brown leather, Rover 3.5l @ 160 bhp)

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1983: 4/4 four-seater

One day my ever eager dealer called me up to offer me a brand new Plus8, that had been ordered by another customer but not paid, yes that could happen too, and was I willing to take it. I did and so came into possession of a wonderful car, everything in nutbrown: car, interior and roof, tires were black as a contrast. I used it for my regular transport and it, like the other ones, was troublefree and reliable.

Over the years I was also able to notice an increasing improvement in quality, much better rustproofing, better chroming and painting, With the quality the price also went up at a steady rate. When I compare my first Morgan with my present one they look alike on the outside and at a first glance, but they are a world apart on the inside. My earlier models tended to crack around the front lights, rusted on the sidepanels and the rear. Rust was even present when the car was being collected at the factory, alas only in the engine compartment. Waxoiling prevent the worst. I once had chrome wire wheels on a 4/4 and they needed more brushing then the 3oo man crew of a destroyer.

When visiting the factory and talking about this I could get a smile and hear an answer like ”Never heard of it.” or “Well, it's a Morgan - you have to work on it!” To work on a Morgan was a task that was aided amongst others by a Morgan Lunatic on the outskirts of London who had opened a business to supply the afficionado with all these extra goodies the factory did not install. If I remember correctly his name was something like Marvin Nutter or so.

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