A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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1981: Plus 8

6: My second 4/4 four-seater
(indigo blue, blue leather, Engine tbd)

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1986: 4/4 four-seater

In 1983 and 1986 two more 4-seaters appeared on the family inventory. More necessary then ever, son Robert mandating true 4-seater capacity. If, however I thought that our 2 children would enjoy riding the Moggies as I did I was wrong. Because enduring sitting on the high backbench of a 4-seater was for the most time a chilly and windy experience and they preferred mothers VW instead. So these were my last 4-seaters ever.

I always had a great time when collecting a new car at the factory and so every two years I could notice subtle changes and modernization trends there. For example the Sales Director now had a computer. The fact that he kept it unpacked under his desk and still continued to serve the world market out of 2 tinboxes did not change my impression of an excellent and reliable efficient service.

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