A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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1977: 4/4 two-seater

4: My first 4/4 four-seater
(blue, white leather, Engine tbd)

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1981: +8

In the meantime our daughter was 3 years old and I deemed it appropriate to taking a Fourseater. And so in 1979 off we went to Malvern Link to collect the family car. By the way, I had always expected when stepping off the train there that I would see Morgans on the roads everywhere... But actually I have never seen one, before entering the paradise on Pickersleigh Road. Personally I had first seen a Morgan in New York City, where in Manhatten I was almost run over by one, and said to myself, ”What the hell was that?” That was back in 1967.

The 4/4 4-seater was a delightful car in darkblue, wire wheels and leather interior and it made the move to Wilhelmshaven with my family, as I had received orders to serve in the frigate KARLSRUHE. Coming back from a voyage once, I had the assurance that the roof was not fire-resistant, some idiots having used my Mog as an ashtray to extinguish cigarettes. Nice ventilation though!

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