A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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2015: Plus 4

Robert's second Plus 4
March 2018
(Sports Black, black leather, Ford GDI 2.0 @ 156 bhp)

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1973: +8

After having sold the my last Mog earlier this year, and no new Mog in sight, life seemed to make no sense any more (just car-wise honey!). Luckily, circumstances shifted, and - after careful consideration and comparison of different offers - a new order was placed. Once again a Plus 4, my favorite Morgan, and with the new engine even more powerful and enjoyable than the last one. Extras as usual: Sports Exhaust, Luggage Rack, Spotlights, Mesh Grille, Front Bumper, Rear Overriders - nothing too fancy.

The car was built in only four weeks and finished in January 2019. Dad and me then went to pick it up and drive it back to where I currently live. So we went flying from Cologne to London Stansted, got ab cab to the Morgan Garage, spent a wonderful day with Melvyn, and in the evening drove the Mog towards Harwich to get onboad the Ferry, sailing over night to Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands. From there, it was just about two hours to Brussels - and that is where the Mog is at now!

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