A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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1997: 4/4 two-seater

12: My fifth 4/4 two-seater
(midnight blue, grey leather, Engine tbd)

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2001: Plus 8

Before you get too bored and quit reading I have already my last 4/4 in the Garage, a nice blue one with grey leather. This was sold to a lady in Lisbon, that got it as a present from her sons. Nice chaps, weren't they. I enjoyed the 2500 mile journey to Portugal, excellent weather and no problems whatsoever. In 28 years of constant Morgan ownership the cars had not let me down once, never ever presenting me with a situation like the one I had to bear in a Rover 3500, which in hot weather got steam bubbles in the petrol lines and had to be parked beside the autobahn to cool down, when an English Gentleman in a Fiat drove slowly by and shouted “British car isn't it” ?

No such thing with my Morgans, although Lucas, the ”Prince of Darkness“ was lurking around the corner on some occasions. But Morgans have always been the victory of aesthetics over technique, and at least one could always smile when looking at them. Coming home from that Lisbon trip I was leaning back in my armchair, having retired from the Navy meanwhile, and only flying for a regional airline in the summer months as a commercial pilot, and thinking about the essence of it all. So, what was to be my last and final Morgan?

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