A life with Morgan
1973-2018: a pictorial history of the twenty cars we had the pleasure to own and drive

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1973: +8

2: My second Plus 8
(royal Admiralty blue, white leather, Rover 3.5l @ 160 bhp)

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1977: 4/4 2str

Anyway in 1975 my second Plus 8 arrived and it looked stunning, Admiralty blue (being a naval officer, I just had to have that) leather and roof in white, wow! The car not only looked great but it also performed well, 5-speed gearbox. But never take white leather! Unless you took your shoes off upon entering and wore felt sandals you had black scratches everywhere, and also where engine fumes entered the cockpit the colour turned to yellow. I had to resort to white toothpaste. Loveley fresh mint odour though! I drove this car on an almost daily basis when my dealer rung me up in 1977 would I want a brand new 4/4 2 seater.

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